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flooring installation columbus

Flooring Installation Columbus OH

Ohio’s A-Team for Flooring: Flooring Installation Columbus OH 

You are meticulous when choosing the best flooring option to go for. Since it took you some time and a lot of money to find the perfect flooring, it is just about right that you have it installed by professionals like us. Rest assured, Flooring Installation Columbus would treat your flooring the way it is - a hard-earned investment.

When it comes to flooring options and flooring solutions, we are Ohio’s A-Team. Our quality of work and service is unparalleled, and it shows. Since we have been in business, our change order rate has remained at 1%. We are determined to keep it that way.

Our flooring specialists go through extensive training. They are armed with so much knowledge related to flooring types, their features, their benefits and disadvantages, how they should be installed, and how they should be maintained. They are equipped with the latest tools to make sure that work is done correctly and efficiently. And finally, they uphold the values of respect, honesty, and integrity.

Our Services:

Flooring Installation Columbus is a one-stop shop for all your flooring-related needs. Whether you are searching for new flooring for your home or just looking for experts who can install the flooring you have decided on, no job is big or small for us. We cater to all your flooring and related needs. Here are our most popular services:

Kitchen Flooring Columbus

Upgrading your kitchen area’s flooring? Avail of our Kitchen Flooring Columbus service package, where we offer an assortment of kitchen flooring materials for you to pick from. Our experts will then install them for you. This service package includes a complimentary in-house estimation, a consultation, and two warranties: flooring manufacturer and contractor.

We provide a vast array of kitchen-flooring products: porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl, laminate planks, laminate tiles, and linoleum. Options for mats and rugs of all materials, patterns, sizes, and shapes are available. All these come in varying features such as waterproof or water-resistant, anti-slip, scratch-resistant, and so much more.
Bathroom Flooring Columbus

Giving your bath area a fresh new look? Avail of our Bathroom Flooring Columbus service package. Choose from our vast array of flooring options suitable for bathrooms, and we will professionally install your choice for you. Also included in this service package is a free in-house estimation, consultation, flooring manufacturer’s warranty, and our warranty.

Our bathroom-flooring products are made from various high-quality materials that come in different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and features. We also offer stylish yet practical bath mats and bath rugs.

Installation Only

Flooring installation is our specialty. So if you already have found the flooring you want for your space, we are still glad to be of service to you. Call our number to schedule an in-house estimation and consultation with one of our flooring specialists. Call to inquire about our competitive rates for the complete installation package.

Damage Repair or Replacement

If a complete flooring overhaul is not what you need right now, we also offer repairs and replacement services. Call our number to request a quote and schedule an in-house estimation with one of our flooring specialists.

Call Flooring Installation Columbus for your flooring and related needs.

Do you have questions about our products or services? Reach out to Flooring Installation Columbus by calling the phone number found on this page. Our customer service agents are friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable of all things flooring. To book a consultation or an in-house estimate, please send us an email. We typically reply in one business day.  

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM - 6PM
Address: 770 Georgesville Rd, Columbus, OH 43228